FC 24 Team of the Season Details – Leaked

You might want to get some cheap FIFA coins Xbox right now (or any platform you’re on, to be honest), because the FC 24 Team of the Season details seem to have leaked, and there are some fantastic players lined up for it.

Do bear in mind that the following information is based on a leak. EA could change the FC 24 team of the season details between now and the launch. The leaker does appear to be very reputable, though. So, from what we’ve seen, we’re in for a great team of the season.

The Players

At the moment, we only have details of the FC 24 TOTS players for the Premier League. No other leagues seem to have leaked, but since the Premier League often boasts the best team of the season cards, we’re excited.

Some of these are ‘moments’ cards., which are basically the same as team of the season cards, just with slightly changed stats. It won’t be anything to worry about for the vast majority of EA FC 24 players.

–          Christopher Nkunku

–          Heung Min Son

–          Virgil Van Dijk

–          Erling Haaland

–          Cole Palmer

–          Ollie Watkins

–          Ben White

–          Alejandro Granacho

–          Rodri

–          Alisson

–          Alexis Mac Allister

–          Declan Rice

–          Mo Salah

–          Kevin De Bruyne

–          Bukayo Saka

We reckon that you’ve probably got your eyes on a few of these cards for your ultimate team, right? We know that we have! That’s why we highly recommend that you save up your coins.

It is also believed that the list will get a bit bigger than this, so expect a few more leaks over the coming weeks. For example, many people believe that we’ll end up with a few more Arsenal cards in the mix, which makes sense really. Arsenal have been performing incredibly well this season, even if it now seems unlikely that they will be taking the title.

The Start of the FC 24 TOTS

The FIFA 24 Team of the Season promotion is likely to start on April 26th. You’ll notice a few objectives go up then, and people will start to sell their cards on the market. This means that if you want to stand the best chance of getting some of the team of the season cards at an affordable price, you’ll need to be online then.

It is unlikely that all of the cards will be released at once, and EA will normally throw in a few surprises for FC 24 fans as time goes on. Remember – we’re almost at the end of the year for this iteration of FC, so there’ll be loads and loads to come. There’ll also be a team of the season cards for some of the other leagues.

If you head to U7Buy, you can pick up some incredibly cheap coins to help you buy Team of the Season cards. You can also pick up boosted accounts, which will help you finish off some of the in-game objectives.

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